What is ” green lacewing” Alex?

plum tree bugs

eggs of this beneficial insect are deposited on individual thin stalks on the underside of the leaf

Kudos to commenter Michael Wicks who was the first to pick out and identify the green lacewing eggs.  Thanks to all the other commenters as well, we appreciate hearing back from you!  This year has been a very good one for aphids, hopefully these eggs will hatch soon and make a dent in our aphid population.




There was actually some debate on this as Farmer A spent a bit scanning the photo and picked out a orange-ish blob which very well could be a lady bug pupa.  I did see some of these elsewhere on the tree, but wasn’t consciously including one in the photo.  From the picture it is not a definitive sign, whereas the lacewing eggs are clearly present.



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    I can see I’m going to have to check the blog even more often to get in on the winnings!

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