This will be an experiment in reality farming.  Throughout 2014 we hatched out several batches of laying chickens from our own flock.  We now have a great new flock of hens that are starting to consistently lay eggs.  But, we have too many roosters!  Our poor hens don’t seem to get any rest, as any way a girl turns there’s a rooster there waiting.  So we have to select two or at most three of our roosters to keep.

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Over the month of February we will post rooster profiles here for everyone’s viewing.  Once all the roosters have had their time in the spotlight we will start a poll so that the legions of Stoneybrook followers may vote for their favorite roosters.  Think of it like American Idol or The Bachelor, but with more pecking and crowing (maybe not).


Check out the profiles available below.


  1. jethro

    If The experienced gentleman doesnt make it through the contest there is no justice in this world

  2. Joan

    I hear the el pollo orgulloso chickens lay green eggs. Might sway a few voters who like Easter type eggs…..

  3. Beverley

    It’s very hard choosing just one of these very handsome gentlemen! I’ve been lying awake nights, tossing, turning, hoping to get some inspiration from my feather pillow, but no luck…these comely lads are all the cockadoodle-dooiest, and sorry, but I can’t vote for just one!

    • Aaron

      Did you get your vote in? we closed the poll last night and the results are posted!

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