The last to join the party, we originally thought these two roosters were hens.  Other roosters their age had long since grown combs and sickle feathers, but Naked Neck and Radar have only come into their own recently.

  • Vital Statistics
  • Breed: Black Australorp (probably)
  • Age: 7 months
  • Comb: single
  • Pecking order: bottom
  • Favourite food: squash seeds
  • Dislikes:The Upstart and his brother

The Black Australorp roosters tend to stay close together, Naked Neck is the larger of the two.  Radar is smaller and hasn’t fully grown out his tail yet, though this may be a strategy for hiding from the other more aggressive roosters.  So far, their plumage is typical of Black Australorps but we did not control any of the breeding during our hatches, so we are not 100% certain they are all Australorp.  Some of the hens from Australorp and Hamburg crosses look very close to a pure Australorp.

They share a profile, but a vote for the Late Bloomers in the Rooster Contest does not mean we will keep both of them.  Should they win, we will choose one.  Probably the one without the really ugly naked patch on his neck.

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