We here at Stoneybrook are not always the most original when it comes to naming the animals…  

  • Vital Statistics
  • Breed: Black Australorp cross
  • Age: 7 months
  • Comb: single
  • Pecking order: middle of the pack
  • Likes: a hen that doesn’t expect a call the next day
  • Dislikes: When Shatner fans for the ladies in the chicken run

This is our second rooster with green and gold plumage from a Black Australorp cross.  Green and Gold 2 is The Upstart‘s brother potentially from another mother.  He has slightly grey legs in comparison to his brother and less gold around his eyes and chest.  His comb suffered a bit from frostbite before he received some protective grease this winter.  Green and Gold 2 also enjoys the rain a lot more than our other chickens – this winter we had some very heavy rains, and often the only chicken to brave the rain and mud was this fellow.

The big question on everyone’s mind, why pick Green and Gold 2 over the original Green and Gold?????  If you know the answer please let us know as we’re undecided.

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