This proud rooster has the flare of his Chilean ancestry, provides a bit of diversity and adds some unusual looks to our backyard flock.

Vital Stats

Breed – Ameraucana

Age – 7 months

Comb – Pea & frost resistant

Pecking order – Middle of the flock

Hobbies – Enjoys scratching along the creek, early roosting times and preaning himself.

El Pollo has roots dating back to the Araucana chicken originating from Chile. They were established as a recognized breed during the 70’s and adopted by the American Poultry Association and placed into their Standard of Perfection in 1984.

As El Pollo Orgulloso is a calm and observant rooster who takes his time getting to know his competitors he will be a tough bird to beat. He enjoys the company of his fellow Ameraucana hens and doesn’t ruffle the feathers of the others. If he was on the show Survivor I would choose him to win the million. As for his fellow competitors “The Upstart” and “The Experienced Gentleman” I believe he’ll be voting for them to leave the coop.

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