Pork update

 Brown pig and black pig have stayed on for a bit longer than planned, but we do enjoy having them around.  Our estimate before the new year was that they were close to 250 pounds and they don’t seem to have packed on too much more in the last month.  Estimating their weight involves taking length and girth measurements, and we haven’t tried again as last time they tried to eat the tape measure.

We haven’t made too many swine blog updates, in part because it is very tricky getting good photos of the pigs.  We don’t spend too much time with them, so they mostly associate us with food and will rush up to anyone that stops by the pen.  To get a picture that isn’t all ears, you have to be down at snout level, which presents some challenges, as they like to mouth everything new that comes their way.  Yesterday I was able to grab a few photos before they got too close.


It did involve a fair amount of running back and forth across the pen to keep them from getting their snout froth on the camera lens.  If you are curious what pig photography is like, check out the gif below.

pig gif