Lambing Kit


As we get ready to lamb each year we like to have a convienent kit that is easy to use and contains the essentials for some common situations we might need to deal with.

  1. Rubbing alcohol – Essential for sterilizing tools/implements
  2. Iodine & scissors – Used to cut the umbilical cord and kill any bacteria that might travel towards the naval and cause infection. It also helps to seal off the umbilical cord.
  3. A syringe, 6″ rubber tube & some lubricating gel. A common problem with lambs not feeding at birth is constipation. Some glycerin or warm soapy water or will help relieve this problem by enema.
  4. Variety of bottles to hold implements or collect colostrum.
  5. A stomach feeding tube and bottle. Stomach tubing can be tricky so ensure your confident in your intubating abilities first.
  6. Rubber gloves. If any pushing/pulling is necessary, get the long kind.
  7. A sling, scale and notepad for record keeping.