Welcome to our Icelandic wool page!  All of our yarn is from our flock of Icelandic sheep in Wynndel, British Columbia.  Icelandic wool is traditionally called lopi and includes the two distinct types of fibre found in Icelandic fleeces.  The tog fibres are the outer layer of the fleece providing water resistance and strength, while the thel is the fine, soft undercoat which is very insulative.
For the real colour lovers, the Gulf Islands’ Spinning Mill on Salt Spring Island hand dyes some of each collection for us.  We still have more fleeces awaiting processing, so watch for new batches of Icelandic wool in the future, and feel free to let us know what colours you hope to see.


Fall 2014 Icelandic wool

Our very first batch of processed wool.

softspungrey softspun

brownnatural brown 2 ply yarn  

greygrey 2 ply yarn

blueblue 2 ply yarn

greensage green 2 ply yarn

blue greenblue green transition 2 ply yarn


Spring 2015 Icelandic wool

blue 2blue 2 ply yarn

grey softspun

grey and light brown softspun

purplepurple 2 ply yarn

grey 2grey 2 ply yarn

creamcream 2 ply yarn

cream softspuncream softspun

grey browngrey and brown 2 ply yarn