Fibre Fest

Come to the Fibre Festival and ewe will have a woolly good time!


Some of our yarn labeled and ready to go for the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival.  We have sheared off some of our prices and guarantee you won’t be fleeced.  Unless you are looking for fleece, we will have those too.   Stop by and find us at the Wynndel Community Hall, Sunday April 10th, from 10 am – 4 pm.

Shearing the Icelandic Rams

Adrean and Tore are our Icelandic rams at Stoneybrook.  They spend most of the season apart from the ewes and lambs, though breeding time is rapidly approaching.  They also have a lot more surface area for shearing!

Tore before and after

Tore, and Icelandic ram at Stoneybrook Farm in Wynndel British Columbia

Shearing an Icelandic ram

Tore an Icelandic Ram at Stoneybrook Farm in Wynndel, British Columbia












Adrean was thrilled with his new haircut

Adrean the Icelandic ram
Adrean the Icelandic ram

Shearing 2015

This week proved to be a fun and exceptional one with all of our farm help.


I’ll post some additional photos of the fleeces on our next blog update as we skirt it. For now, here is the shearing day.


Lining the girls up to be put in their pen.



Daisy making a break for it.


DSC_0038 (2)

Isis calmly carrying on.



Who to choose?



Tippy is first. Here we begin by “crotching” the girls to remove any organic matter.



Keeping them on their back/bum is extremely helpful in the shearing process.


DSC_0083 (2)

Half way.


DSC_0084 (2)

Our girls get their feet trimmed once every 3 months. It’s amazing how quickly they grow.


DSC_0110Wren, so calm. A great ewe.


DSC_0100Finishing up Wren.

Spring 2015 wool

Our second batch of wool has returned from the mill with some new natural and dyed colours.  This time around we paid a lot more attention during our initial skirting and picking to create batches with more distinctive natural colours.  It was worth the effort!  Check out the wool page for more details.

wool batch 2