Icelandic Ram

We’ve been thinking for some time that we would like to introduce a new Icelandic ram into our flock that would bring excellent genetics and help our girls produce large sized lambs with vigor and growing abilities. Wool is also an important feature for us since we have it processed and are in the midst of setting up our online store.


While researching the available Canadian breeders this spring I reached out to speak with Justin at Le Biscornu about their breeding program. He helpfully explained to me that they use an online tool called GenOvis. This program helps to select for a series of traits ranked by the breeder that is most important to them. Some of the traits included are; Carcass size, loin depth, a growth index, maternal skills and wool quality. A program I would be very interested in using myself this next year, once the barn is done.

Le Biscornu Rams – The Morrit Horned Ram is the sire of our new lamb.


Next we had to decide on the specific coloring traits, horned or polled and fibre type we wanted in our new Icelandic ram. Ultimately we decided to go with a horned ram with a black solid coat. This will allow us to introduce additional coloring into our flock, produce some excellent sized lambs and create a new distinct genetic line for our farm.



Our new ram coming from Le Biscornu


He’ll be arriving on October 10th after his long trip from Quebec where we’ll greet him in grand fashion at the Calgary airport before making our way home to Wynndel.




Shearing the Icelandic Rams

Adrean and Tore are our Icelandic rams at Stoneybrook.  They spend most of the season apart from the ewes and lambs, though breeding time is rapidly approaching.  They also have a lot more surface area for shearing!

Tore before and after

Tore, and Icelandic ram at Stoneybrook Farm in Wynndel British Columbia

Shearing an Icelandic ram

Tore an Icelandic Ram at Stoneybrook Farm in Wynndel, British Columbia












Adrean was thrilled with his new haircut

Adrean the Icelandic ram
Adrean the Icelandic ram