A Group Effort

Our peafowl population is growing!

Vonda spent most of the last month under the feeder (brilliant spot) on a clutch of eggs.  Every once in a while Denise would tag in and sit on the eggs, or they would both brood together.  Shatner was mildly helpful at times.

DSC_0626 small


On our way to an ostentation

At long last, a peafowl update!

All the new lambs have been getting the main focus on the blog of late, but Shatner and his ladies have also had a very busy spring.  The peafowl were given free range of the farm (and all of Wynndel apparently) last fall.  They enjoyed regular walks through our neighbours’ fields, orchards, and gardens, but mostly they really liked visiting other chickens in the area, sometimes even sleeping over in coops if there was a warm perch to spare.  Eventually we decided it would be best to pen them this spring before they became a nuisance.  Another advantage of the penned peafowl, is if they lay any eggs, we will be able to find them!  Which leads to this evening’s post:

for anyone not familiar, a group of peafowl is called an ostentation