Check Ups & New Weights

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In our endeavor to raise lambs this year we’re keeping track of their weights, keeping an “eye” on their eyes, and inspecting their fleece for quality of wool. So much goes into ensuring you raise a healthy flock. They also received their monthly dose of apple cider vinegar, a supplement commonly under appreciated.

One of the reasons we’re tracking their weights is to select for rate of growth in a medium sized breed of sheep that can reach market weight within 5 months. This weight should range between 80lbs and 120lbs depending whether it is male or female and is the first of three traits we select for. This year we hope to be able to have market lambs ready in August which will be raised on grass alone.

As for keeping an “eye” on their eyes this is an indication of their parasitic load, which will affect their ability to gain size and produce an excellent fleece. By combining this with 4 other measures: Body condition, Tail, Jaw & Nose/Coat, you can keep a close watch to determine whether it is necessary to apply a de-worming agent. If you wish to read more about selectively de-worming sheep click: HERE

Icelandic Sheep are known for their quality of wool. A beautiful clean fleece may be spun from a freshly shorn sheep provided that the sheep has the genetic disposition, proper nutrition and good health to produce one. This is the second of three primary fundamentals that we select for when determining if a specific sheep line is worth keeping.

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So found this duck today in the middle of the hay pile stuck after it had laid its egg. Guess it had decided to take a different route out.