Fibre Fest

Come to the Fibre Festival and ewe will have a woolly good time!


Some of our yarn labeled and ready to go for the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival.  We have sheared off some of our prices and guarantee you won’t be fleeced.  Unless you are looking for fleece, we will have those too.   Stop by and find us at the Wynndel Community Hall, Sunday April 10th, from 10 am – 4 pm.

A little off the top please


And the sides.  And underneath.  And while you’ve got them out you may as well get all those nooks and crannies as well.



All the ladies had their spring haircut this weekend.  It is much easier to see their size and udders as lambing comes on if they are shorn.  The lambs are also quicker to find the teats if there is less wool in the way.


Along with our yarn and roving, we will have some of these raw fleeces for sale at the upcoming Kootenay Fibre Festival here in Wynndel.