Black Beauty

  While having my coffee on the deck I heard a distinctive new sound, a “baaa”, and not one I recognized.

Upon further investigation it turned out Cala had decided last night was the perfect time to lamb and had a beautiful little black one.

Cala’s Lamb

1. Black, grey ram lamb – 11lbs


Lambing update

Lots of excitement around the farm this past week, including lambs from Joni and Tippy.

We now have only two more ewes left to lamb.  The girls are all back together now with everyone moving through our home pastures. With the help of our neighbour’s pastures, we have had the opportunity to really let the forages grow before setting the girls loose on our fields.

Joni had a whopper of a white spotted ram lamb who tipped the scale at 11 pounds.



Tippy was another late night lamber and had a ram lamb ( 9 lbs, white spotted, horns) and a small ewe lamb (5.5 lbs, white spotted).

DSC_0019 (2)

Grass is gold

This year we we’re approached by a neighbor to the south who was interested in grazing our sheep through his beautiful pastures. When it comes to having more grass, you can never go wrong.

So we set out to organize a way for us to run the girls and lambs over to his place without having to take them up onto the road. Our neighbor directly to the south of us generously offered a strip at the top of his property to use as a lane for moving the sheep. This worked out perfectly.

Next we set up gates and ensured his fencing around the the pastures were adequate for the girls. All that was left to do was to release the sheep!



Here the lamb s are enjoying the view while their mothers have a taste of some grain.



These lambs have settled in to the new pasture and really enjoy the slopes and obstacles.

Violet’s lambs

More lambs, this time from one of the rookies, Violet. Farmer A. took Violet for a photoshoot on the pasture. Aside from important photos or a rare treat, the sheep are still in our main yard anxiously waiting for the grass to be long enough to graze.


Brown ram lamb 8 lbs

Black ram lamb 8.5 lbs

Lambing continues…

With new lambs from Tansy and Isis.



white ram lamb with badger face, 7 pounds



Black ram lamb with white spots, 9 pounds

White ewe lamb with black and brown spots, 8.5 pounds


These lambs were actually all born on April 1st.  We have now been a week without any new lambs and have resumed bagwatch.

A bit of excitement


Yesterday was an exciting day with Wren starting us off with a set of triplets. You’ll have to search for the 3rd set of legs but they’re in there!

  1. Ewe Lamb – 7lbs – Primarily white
  2. Ram Lamb – 8lbs – White with a couple brown spots.
  3. Ewe Lamb – 8lbs – White with brown pants

Then in the middle of the night Lily decided she wanted to lamb and she’s quite the yeller!

  1. Ram Lamb – 9lbs – Coloring difficult to tell, will become more apparent.

Bag Watch 2015


As spring approaches our ewes begin to look ready to birth. This girl, Wren, will be our first as we’ve been watching her closely and all signs point her way. What do we watch for? First we keep an eye on the udder and as it swells we know she’s approaching. Our next clue is her vulva and as it swells its time to start watching at night. The last clue, if your lucky enough to see it, the lambs will drop and a hollow will appear along her spinal process and this is your 24hr notice.

Hope you enjoy and if your animals are having young ones this year send me some new birth photos, not to gruesome though, a little bit about your farm and we’ll host them on our web page.