Can you spot the beneficial insect?

Not quite as epic as The Rooster contest, but here’s a little challenge for you.  

See if you can identify the beneficial insect that has recently made a home on our plum tree. If it helps, you can click on the picture to see it in full resolution.  Leave your ID or just a guess in the comments.  There could be a prize!













Contest rules subject to change, prize may be limited to recognition on the Stoneybrook Farm blog.



  1. Sabina

    Lil’ ladybug!

    • LGB

      Maybe!?! But there was one definitive beneficial in the photo other than a lady bug. See our follow up post

  2. Beverley

    It’s an ant. Eating an aphid. Beneficial, no?

    • LGB

      Keep trying! Generally ants eat the secretions that aphids leave on the plant, not the aphids themselves.

  3. Beverley

    Oh no wait, that’s in my camellia.
    Sorry. Wrong tree.

    I should still get a prize though.

  4. Michael Wicks

    I see the small pods hanging from the leaf on threads, and i think they are the egg cases of green lacewing, the larvae of which
    eat all sorts of soft-bodied insects before spinning a cocoon and then emerging as adults. The adults need pollen and nectar to eat
    before laying eggs.

    • LGB

      Good eye Michael, and great insect info to boot!

  5. Michael Wicks

    Don’t know whether my comment was posted, so I will try again.
    The pods on the threads are lacewing egg cases.

  6. Bill

    is it the long yellow thing in the middle of the picture?
    I read the linked site to the types of beneficial insects and didn’t see any thing there like that.

    so that’s my guess.

    • LGB

      That was a caterpillar, I squished it after I took the photo (not generally beneficial). I was tricky, the sign in the photo is actually a life stage of the insect that isn’t on the linked site…

  7. Joan

    Green Lacewings!

    • LGB


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