Bag Watch 2015


As spring approaches our ewes begin to look ready to birth. This girl, Wren, will be our first as we’ve been watching her closely and all signs point her way. What do we watch for? First we keep an eye on the udder and as it swells we know she’s approaching. Our next clue is her vulva and as it swells its time to start watching at night. The last clue, if your lucky enough to see it, the lambs will drop and a hollow will appear along her spinal process and this is your 24hr notice.

Hope you enjoy and if your animals are having young ones this year send me some new birth photos, not to gruesome though, a little bit about your farm and we’ll host them on our web page.

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  1. Joan

    Good old Wren! I have a soft spot for her since we became so well acquainted a couple of years ago at Christmas………

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