A bit of excitement


Yesterday was an exciting day with Wren starting us off with a set of triplets. You’ll have to search for the 3rd set of legs but they’re in there!

  1. Ewe Lamb – 7lbs – Primarily white
  2. Ram Lamb – 8lbs – White with a couple brown spots.
  3. Ewe Lamb – 8lbs – White with brown pants

Then in the middle of the night Lily decided she wanted to lamb and she’s quite the yeller!

  1. Ram Lamb – 9lbs – Coloring difficult to tell, will become more apparent.


  1. Grace

    I just love the beautiful little baby lambs, they are soooo cute, incredible the change in just one day for those darling little triplets, you look like you have your hands full. I admire all your efforts to make your stoneybrook farm so great. gg

    • Aaron

      Thanks Grace and wonderful to see you commenting! Its a labor of love and we couldn’t ask for more.

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