A barns worth

Over the course of June we’ve been  busy putting the sawmill to use cutting up much of the dimensional lumber required to frame the barn. There’s been a lot of hard work involved moving heavy pieces back and forth from the sawmill to our lay down which is located in a breezy out of the sun area.


6×8 posts for the centre aisle and wings. 2×6 lumber for framing of the rafters.


 2×12 beam material, 2×10 floor joists and a few 2×8 beams


2×6 for trusses and strapping.

DSC_00382×8 for beams and rafters.

For those of you interested in seeing the process of turning a raw log into dimensional lumber here is a short stop photography video. Forgive the lack of sound.


  1. Troy

    Nice Aaron! Now time to start framing!!!

  2. Bill

    hi Aaron

    how long in real time would the log sawing have taken?

    • Aaron

      It takes about 3 hours to mill a log of that size. Its fun though and you don’t notice the time passing.

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